Microwave Update 2018

I was fortunate to travel to Dayton OH last weekend to attend Microwave Update 2018.  I’ve been tinkering with microwave gear for a few years now, and this was my first time attending a microwave conference.  It was inspiring to meet so many of the leading amateurs in this field, whose articles and projects provide so much critical information and know-how.

Highlights for me included:

  • Brian Justin WA1ZMS talking about extending test equipment with mmWave mixers, including how to possibly repair them.
  • Jeff Kruse WA3ZKR describing how he designed and built a DSN ground station (with a 2KW uplink and a cryogenic LNA).
  • Barry Malowanchuk VE4MA talking about his 47 and 78 GHz systems.
  • Paul Wade W1GHZ showing how he’s been building waveguides and horns for 47 GHz, utilizing machining resources at a maker space.
  • Tom Williams WA1MBA describing his work on a mmWave multiplier with output around 47 GHz, with some of the hardware being made available as a kit (soon).  This is to foster use of the 47 GHz band, which is under threat.

I’m now very keen to explore the world above 10 GHz.  Stay tuned… 🙂

A PDF of the proceedings can be downloaded here, and photos of the event have been published on facebook.

Author: w7txt

W7TXT, also VK2TXP Currently located in the PNW.