2019 Spring Microwave Sprint

I had some fun on the weekend participating in the 2019 Spring Microwave Sprint. A bunch of PNW folk were out for this event, many of whom have been working on microwave system builds at a monthly meetup held by Frank AG6QV.

I met up with Frank at Three Tree Point, and set up my 10GHz rig next to his. Our goal was to bounce signals off Mt Rainier, which is visible across Puget Sound from there.

W7TXT and AG7QV operating 10GHz at Three Tree Point, WA

Once the other stations in the region were up and running on 10GHz, we were both able to make easy SSB voice contacts with Ray W7GLF, who was located in the Kirkland WA area, and also pointing at Mt Rainier.

Signal path: W7TXT (CN87tk) to W7GLF (CN87wq) via Mt Rainier. Not bad for 200mW.

We also heard Dale KD7UO on CW (located closer to the mountain) but were unable to establish a contact.

W7TXT operating 10GHz at Three Tree Point, WA

This was the first time I’d actually gotten out and used my 10GHz rig in the field and it was satisfying to see it all come together as a system.

W7TXT operating 10GHz at Three Tree Point, WA

Author: w7txt

W7TXT, also VK2TXP Currently located in the PNW.